Sweet Repeats Atlanta


Our Consignment Policies

Due to our popularity, we see our consignors by appointment only. In the beginning, Sweet Repeats just took drop offs. In order to stay organized and to better control our clothes intake, we started taking appointments. We take 6 appointments daily. We guarantee that your clothes will be on the floor, ready for purchase no later than one day after drop off.

Spring and Summer appointments are from January through June and Fall Winter appointments are from July through December. We are open Monday through Saturday 10:00 am. to 5:00 pm.

Quality Standards

Sweet Repeats gladly accepts any items that meet our standards. We are not responsible for loss, theft, or damaged items. Sweet Repeats works diligently to keep these kinds of occurrences to a minimum.

Pick Up Terms

Items will be consigned for a period of 90 days from the computer inventory date. Consigned items will expire after 90 days. We will call you when we enter your items and let you know when your pick up dates are. If you desire to pick up unsold items, please record the pick up dates on your calendar. It is your responsibility to pick up your unsold items during this time or they will expire. They will then become property of Sweet Repeats and / or will be donated to a charity. Sweet Repeats will gladly inform you of all our charitable organizations. During a pickup the consignor will be given a print out of his/her account and will pull the items off the sales floor.

Pricing Terms

Sweet Repeats will price all items based on a reduction of our knowledge of the original retails price. Suggestions on pricing should be made at the time of consignment for consideration only. Pricing is not guaranteed. If an item is found to be damaged, stained, or overpriced during the consignment period, the item may be reduced at our discretion. If an item is determined to be unsellable at a later date, we will contact you (If you circled contact), and give you 14 days to pick up the item.

Sales Policy

Sweet Repeats reserves the right to reduce items for sales, promotions, coupons, etc.

Commission Policy
40% of the selling price will be paid to the consignor.

Payment Policy

Checks will be issued on Jan. 5. March 5. May 5. July 5. Sept. 5. and Nov. 5 on all accounts balances over $16.00 Checks will expire six months from the date issued. Checks must be picked up at Sweet Repeats. Unclaimed checks will become the property of Sweet Repeats. You may call at anytime to check on your balance.

Sweet Repeats looks forward to doing business with you this season. We do everything that is in our power to make this season rewarding for all of us!